• Christopher Biasutti

Why City Living is Killing Us

We live in an age where chronic stress and anxiety are considered normal. But what if it was possible to live without feeling like we're constantly under attack?

Eight years ago I remember sitting in my office cubicle in Calgary, AB looking out the window on to the "Red Mile" (17th Ave) buzzing off five cups of copy and the stress of the pile of paperwork on my desk eating at me.

I remember staring out that window and looking for water, for the ocean.

Of course there was no ocean for 1200 miles, but I was still looking for it. My soul was yearning for it.

“I love the ocean. For almost four years of my life I lived in a City that was 1200 miles from the Ocean. I became a master at tuning out the "City Noise", the constant buzzing of busyness, why?”

When we live in a city we grow accustomed to a constant buzz of energy in our lives. It's like the dull background noise on an airplane. When the plane first takes off it's loud an uncomfortable, but after a five or ten minutes we adjust to the nuisance.

We don't notice the noise as much. In fact we may adjust so well some us can even fall asleep for the duration of the flight.

Most of us live with this kind of noise on an energetic level every moment of our lives and we don't even notice it.

The meditation app "Calm" calls it "City Noise". I've also heard it referred to as chronic stress or, chronic anxiety. It comes from the constant busyness that is life for most of us living in a City.

We've become so adjusted to the annoyance that we go about our lives working, eating and sleeping with a super annoying buzzing in the background and hardly even notice it.

The challenge is that over time this annoying buzzing takes a toll.

Just like if we were to listen to an airplane engine for days, months, or even years at a time we would suffer some type of hearing loss. The "City Noise" dulls our senses. It disconnects us from being present with our experience. It takes us out of alignment.

The remedy for this "City Noise" is quite simple. Get out of the city.

Get into Nature. And be still.

I love the ocean. For almost four years of my life I lived in a City that was 1200 miles from the Ocean. I became a master at tuning out the "City Noise", the constant buzzing of busyness.


Simple. I didn't know any other way.

I thought this was the way everyone lived. Trying to stay one step ahead of the busyness that was dominating my life.

When we live that way it becomes almost impossible to see the calm that can exist when we let the busyness go.

Often we need someone to tell us, get out into nature! Go to the place in nature you love. For me it's the ocean. For others it could be the mountains, the forest, or a gorgeous alpine lake.

When we let the "City Noise" go we find a tranquil calm waiting for us. Just like when the pilot shuts the engines down on the airplane after a long, noisy, flight.

In that space, in that calm, is where we make our best decicions. Where we find our alignment. Where we find who we really are.

Today I no longer live, or work in a City. I live on the water.

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