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The Stoke is High! |When you practice patience|

Updated: May 9, 2020

Today I had a wonderful reminder of the magical art of practicing patience. 

Last year I went on my very first surf trip for my birthday. At the time I was going through some pretty heavy, toxic and stressful stuff in my life. That surf trip was like a breath of fresh air inside a black cave of coal dust. I am forever grateful to Frans Huber for taking me. 

What does all this have to do with patience? 

I'm making you practice it. ;) I'm getting there.

On that trip I fell in love with surfing. I was hooked. It was hard not to be after surfing, - ok, trying to surf - one of the best breaks in NZ. 

On the day before we left I decided to buy a cheap old surfboard and have surfed that board for the last 6 months, slowly getting better. 

Surfing itself is a sport of patience. It's hard, often utterly exhausting work and the results can often seem ridiculously slow to appear. Particularly in the beginning. 

But the rewards are worth the wait. 

Right now we're in Tauranga, NZ and there is a small surf break about a 2 mile dinghy ride away. 

I've been getting up at sunrise and taking the dingy out for early morning surf sessions. I literally can't think of a better way to start the day. 

There is something about being alone on a surf break at sunrise that is awe-inspiring. Surfing has a way of grounding me and re-connecting me to myself. 

Ever since those first waves in Raglan all my stresses and anxieties seem to slip away when I'm in the water and I feel deeply connected to a power greater than myself. 

I've been having so much fun surfing I decided it was time to buy a new surfboard. 

Now, I have to let you know that when it comes to buying new boards and other gear I tend to have an overly practical streak combined with an impulsiveness that leads me to sometimes I settle for "whatever makes the most sense right this instant!" rather than waiting for what brings me joy. 

This time after agonizing for hours over which one of two mediocre options I had to choose, with my lovely partner, Sayo Nickerson's timely comments I decided to "wait and see what happens". 

Was this easy? Hell no! It was the epitome of discomfort to let it go and cease my relentless pursuit for the perfect used surfboard.

You have to understand, I really wanted a particular surfboard. But I didn't want to buy it new, I wanted to find it used. 

After ceasing all surfboard searching activity and "waiting to see" for a little over a day. I literally could not believe what happened. 

The EXACT board that I wanted showed up for sale. 

$*@$#($ INCREDIBLE. 

A wonderful guy from the UK was selling his three month old board as his trip to NZ was coming to an end and he wanted to get sell the board before heading home. 

I quickly messaged him and told him my story and why I wanted this board. His stoke was high to sell someone his board who was so keen on surfing and his exact board. 

The magical art of practicing patience really works! 

So the next time you feel like all you're left with are choices you don't really want to make. Try practicing the magical art of patience. Let go and watch the magic unfold.

When have you hit the pause button and had life unfold in a way that was even cooler than you'd imagined it could be? 

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