Work One to One with Chris

  • Want more from life

  • Are open to expanding their idea of what's possible

  • Want to make an impact 

  • Want to improve their relationships and gain more peace of mind

This for people who:

What it is: 

  • A safe space to table your challenges

  • Accountability to your commitments

  • An impartial perspective

  • A supportive challenge to conceive, create and experience the life you want

What You Need:

  • A reliable internet connection

  • Access to Zoom

  • Good lighting and headphones

What it costs:

  • $100 USD per session 

Please note one to one work with Chris is limited and you must fill out an application to proceed.

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About Me

I spent eight years building a life and a business that wasn't mine. Pretending to be someone I wasn't to buy things that I didn't want. 


It took me eight years to realize and then decide life doesn't have to be lived that way...


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