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I spent eight years building a life and a business that wasn't mine. Pretending to be someone I wasn't to buy things that I didn't want. 


It took me eight years to realize and then decide life doesn't have to be lived that way...


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Our mission is to share our home, our experience and our love with others. We want to stir you, challenge you and inspire you to grow. We invite you to join us for the adventure of a lifetime! We promise you'll never see the world in the same way again.

One 2 One

A safe environment for you to table your dreams, desires and the challenges getting in your way.

Conceive, create and experience the life you want.

Uncover what's possible for you. 




This experience is about simplifying. To re-connect to the joy and peace that lays at the root of our basic experience of life.


We intentionally disconnect from the distractions of the outer world to connect on a deeper level with our experience of our inner world. No internet and no phones!