When I was 23 I started my first financial services business. Eight years later I realized I’d spent most of that time living a life and building a business that wasn’t mine. I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t to buy things I didn’t want in the hope that one day I’d get “there”.


I believe all of us do this to some degree in our lives.

It makes sense. We live in a society that has systematically suppressed our desire to dream.  We live in a society that rewards the accumulation of things over the creation of experiences.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Three and a half years ago I sold most of my belongings and now live on a Sailboat with my family in the South Pacific where I share my life and experiences through my Vlog and Blog. It sounds idyllic and in many ways, it is, while coming with its own set of challenges.

One of my biggest shifts has been in how I view work. I used to believe that in order for the work I did to be of value I needed to struggle, to grind, to endure pain. Today I see that work does not have to be mean that. In fact, I believe I add the most value to the world when the work I do doesn’t actually seem like work at all!

And no, you don’t have to live on a Sailboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the work you do. Yes, sometimes a physical shift is necessary, sometimes a dramatic one. But deeper than a physical change, the answers to you getting more enjoyment from your work, your relationships and creating the impact you want on the world come from within you.

I’m here to help you uncover these answers and help you design your work, and your relationships in a way that supports you and the life you want to live. 


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About Me

I spent eight years building a life and a business that wasn't mine. Pretending to be someone I wasn't to buy things that I didn't want. 


It took me eight years to realize and then decide life doesn't have to be lived that way...


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