I’ve been sober 5 years. 
I’m also an entrepreneur, adventurer, and a Dad, dedicated to helping you recover, discover, and become the person you want to be.


I help men create an alcohol free life they love.

Live the life you're supposed to.

My work (and this site) is dedicated to helping you stop drinking and create an alcohol free life you love

What would it feel like to be free?

How to get ANYTHING you want and live alcohol free 

In this fantastic and free LIVE online training you'll learn a new mindset about what it means to give up alcohol. We also give you a toolkit and roadmap to get started creating the alcohol free life you want. 

Do what most people won't so you can begin living like most people can't. 

Start moving forward now

Chris is a coach that can guide you and help you because he has been down the path himself and he cares deeply about what he does. Chris has helped me through some extremely difficult times in my life with compassion and caring while still giving me a push when I needed it.

Someone once tried to explain to me the difference between a coach and a therapist. A therapist you pay to listen to your problems and a coach you pay to help you achieve results. But sometimes both are required to achieve what you want in life  Chris has found a perfect balance between both, he can help address deep emotional pain while keeping me focused on the goals.
I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to recover, heal and move forward in life.

Chris has a rare combo of intellectual and street smartness with a twist of real soul. His work is a no brainer for someone who really wants to move beyond where they are and whose ego is not so big that they are willing to seek guidance.

Philip, Speaker, Author, Filmmaker

Take a leap

Pete, Realtor

Chris's trip was definitely one of the most epic experiences of my life. 

I came back home to Vancouver with an even greater zest for life and the fire inside burns brighter than ever.

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